After a long time I am starting to write again, my posts will be usually about technical subjects and also rarely  about me:)Because of writing in english is that I would like to appeal to the whole people all over the world.These are enough for now, Let’s start to act:)

What is Linux?

Linux is basicly an open source operating system and freely distributable too. If you are dealing with computers and like research, I can say that linux was brought to life by Linus Torvalds for you:) If you are reading this post, at least you are using an operating system and I think so it should be a windows distribution with a big possibility. Now, It is time to break your chains and  also time to be free:)

Advantages of linux;

  • Firstly it is free: You don’t pay any money to try it.
  • A lots of versions: I sure that you can find a suitable linux distribution for you.
  • No viruses
  • Lifesaving: Think that your dear windows crashed and you save your data with a linux distribution.

If I count linux’s advantages, I can’t do anything in my life. The best way of it is trying a linux distribution yourself. I can suggest you Ubuntu for starting linux-unix life. I have been using Ubuntu for 4 years and I am very pleased.






This is ubuntu website, you can find more info there and you can download then write a dvd for using it live without installing..

What is Kernel?

The kernel is basicly the core of an operating system. It is responsible for managing memory, enforcing security controls, networking, disk access, and much more.. It provides the communication bridge between hardware and software. is the  website that you can find  latest stable kernel. But if you are newbie, it doesnt necessary now for you.

I hope RemoteKernel will provide the communication bridge between you and linux world:)

Good Luck:)