Find (and kill) old processes

Our purpose is finding old process then kill them. Now I will explain below script.Mainly we have for loop and our variables are process names(that we want to kill).

Then in for loop we define the process life duration. After that we are checking there is any process that we defined. Then if exist, we will kill them then sending e-mail to admins.

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Message of the Day – /etc/motd

The contents of the file /etc/motd  (Message of the Day) are displayed  after a successful login so that you can easily inform  users about displaying warming message to UN-authorized users or display welcome or informational messages to authorized users.

I will make an motd message, there is a program named FIGlet for making large letters. 

Download figlet rpm package then install it .

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Converting string lower case to upper case

You can use below script to convert a string from lower case to upper case;

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Testing Read/Write Performance of Disk

It very easy to test your disk’s performance with dd command.

You can measure performance of write operation with below command.

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Creating Yum Repository

If your system is not registered to Red Hat Subscription Management, you won’t use yum for installing packages but you can create a local repository and you can use ..
Firstly, copy packages that is located on your Rhel DVD to your server.It will be your local repository.If you want, you can add other additional rpm files to your folder

Then, you should install below rpm’s respectively.

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HP ProLiant DL360e Gen8 Server Driver Update – RAID Problem

In this case we have two 1 TB disk and we will use Raid1 structure, I configured it from ILO but OS that will install does not recognize Raid structure so that I search the case then finally I found a solution that needs a update. I used below link and prepared a basic manual for updating HP Dynamic Smart Array SATA RAID Controller.

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Using 3G Modem (Huawei E176 ) on Ubuntu

When I try to connect the internet with 3g vınn modem , it didnt work .I report this to Turkcell Customer Service they said it only works MacOs and Window xp,vista ,7… I understand that there isn’t any personnel has information about this problem.At least I find solution.

Open your network connections and choose Mobile Broadband then click add ,choose your device, it should be choosen.ilk




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