malatya_haritasi-pngWith proud of being from Malatya,  this page is reserved  for Malatya

With its natural and cultural assets, its economic vigour and accessibility, Malatya is one of the important centres of Eastern Anatolia.3000 years ago, Hittites build the Malatya, they called it Maldiya, then Assyrian: Meliddu , Urartian: Melita.When Turks conquer the city, they give name Malatya.

Malatya with geographic location, due to located on historical caravan route, -The Royal Road, Silk Road-and with its naturel water ,It has been placements since the Neolithic Ages.

The Malatya region is best known for its apricot orchards. About 50% of the fresh apricot production and 95% of the dried apricot production in Turkey, the world’s leading apricot producer, is provided by Malatya.Malatya apricots are often sun-dried by family-run orchards using traditional methods, before they are collected and shipped throughout the world.

Besides, Two President of Turkey are from Malatya İsmet İnönü – 2nd President of Turkey ,Turgut Özal- 8th President of Turkey.As such, more than half of the eight decades of Republican Turkey was led or strongly influenced by sons of Malatya, as Presidents, Prime Ministers, key ministers or opposition leaders, and also a lots of singers, football players,actors, unfortunately an assassin, businessman…